Celebrating women 40+



Are you 40 plus and beyond?

The 40 over 40 project is for women who want to empower themselves through a mixed boudoir+beauty photo-shoot.

I will be reaching 50 myself next year and this is the right moment to join a global movement,

one of recognizing, embracing and celebrating ourselves.

This is about (re-)veiling, maybe even re-inventing, but certainly (re-)positioning ourselves -as modern women- into the present.

It is about time to take into our own hands, how the world perceives us.

Strong. Independent. Glorious.

I am living proof, that everything is possible. At age 40 i resigned my employment as an Ir. Architect, with no backup plan. I was seeking something I didn't know what it was.

Certainly it was some form of freedom, happiness and integrity.

Here i stand today -ready for you:

Ladies, i am Felicia Schütte,

your personal

award-winning portrait photographer and “Accredited Portrait Fellow”


 ...and I am  still an Architect.

“A portrait

isn't just a picture of you, -

it's a journey within.

Let me take you by the hand.”


Felicia Schütte





You have an important place in this world, because: You are You!

You are special, so is your life-experience, your mission and what you have to say.

In the old days, stories were passed down from generation to generation;

this tradition of sharing is mostly lost in our modern world.

I will interview you before and after your photo-session, to tell your story!

Because you have something to share, that is uniquely you.

“There is a fountain of youth,

your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.

When you learn to tap this source,

you will truly have defeated age.”


Sophia Loren, 81






Every woman who will be joining me in this exciting "journey within" by participating in the 40 over 40 project

will be featured in an online gallery and magazine.  Together we'll show the world!


THE 40 OVER 40


Modern Workspace
Scatered Makeup
Professional Photo Studio
Pink Sofa





The promotional 40 OVER 40 experience is offered for only $950,-* 

(Valued at $1450,-)  *All sales are final/ no refund.




Zoom, in person or phone consultation

Together we'll discuss and brainstorm all and everything to perfectly design and prepare your great day.


Wardrobe consultation

We'll talk about what to wear and what to bring.

There usually will be around 2 - 3 outfit changes throughout the shoot.

Participants have access to the studio wardrobe, more often than not we combine your items with mine.

Exclusive specials

As a participant of this promotional 40 over 40 campaign you receive special prices or credit vouchers towards any below affiliated add on services to prepare yourself "inside out" for your photo-shoot experience.

We are proud to have on board:

BeYoutySalon, Opulent Relaxation, Tisa Fashion + Body Fashion, Meike Okhuijsen Emotion Code Practitioner and Bon Vibe.

The photo shoot experience

I will guide you through your entire shoot,- for you there's nothing else to do other than to relax and to have fun.

I hold a safe, private space for you to just be yourself, or whatever you want to be.

It's your time to simply enjoy and to shine!

Your Photo reveal

You will view your most beautiful, hand selected images via zoom or digital proof sheets.

2 Digital images of your choice

During your reveal you choose your two complimentary portraits, which are included in this promotional package.

Your chosen image(s) then will be carefully retouched by me personally.

You have as well the chance to purchase more images if you wish.

Whatever you want to buy is entirely up to you and i am standby to help you choose.

VIP Featuring in online gallery + magazine

When the project is ended I'll choose my favorite image of you to feature you and your story alongside all other wonderful women who had the courage to step up and to stand out by participating in this adventure.


A private Facebook group is set up and ready to host all participants in order to stay informed.

This is a safe place to share and to support, encourage and celebrate each other.

We might consider celebrating in person if the situation at that times allows.

We take into consideration to involve the media to help this women empowerment movement establish and develop.

Cosmetic Products



Professional Hair and Make-up by BeYoutySalon Bonaire is offered for only $80,- (Valued at $100,-)

We schedule an appointment for the morning of your shoot with our professional HMU artist Baerbel Heusinkveld

and/or her staff at her beautiful BeYoutySalon Bonaire. Together with you it will be discussed how you wish your hair and make up to be: "typical you" ... or maybe something new and different?

Call +5997174488  /

Back Massage
Wax Appointment



Spoil yourself prior to your photo-shoot and book a heavenly massage, waxing or other beauty services

with Shartiée owner of Opulent Relaxation to prepare yourself for your photo-soot.

We arranged for you a credit voucher of $20,- to spend towards massage or beauty treatments.

Make Appointment

IG @opulentrelaxation



We are delighted to have TISA Fashion + Body Fashion on board supporting this campaign with 10% for both stores.

Both Boutiques are in Kaya Grandi just a few doors apart, you'll find beautiful outfits and gorgeous body-wear,

which you will love to wear besides your shoot as well every day.

FB + IG @tisabodyfashion / Kaya Grandi #19 / call +599 717-1130

FB @tisabonaire / IG @tisa_bonaire / Kaya Grandi #29 / call +599 717-1135





To support you through your journey and to help you shine more from within, we arranged for you a special with

Meike Okhuijsen - Certified Emotion Code Practitioner for only $35,- (Valued at $45,- / per 40 min)


The simple, yet powerful Emotion Code process can increase your physical and emotional wellness,

releases emotional blockages, activates healing, weight regulation, personal growth and more.


More Info:

whatsapp or call +5997862800




We are sensual and sexual beings, maybe you like to embrace this some more by wearing  a li'l something extra-sexy!?

We are excited to have Amira @ Bon Vibe

supporting the 40 over 40 movement for positive body awareness and women empowerment and

grants participants of this campaign 20% on lingerie that you want to wear on your shoot.

Shop @ Kaya Maximiliana Rosario 6 Mon - Sat: 4pm - 7pm

Call +5997867026 /




- I want to do something just for myself

- I have that outfit or accessory that i bought but never wore

 - It's time for me to let go of excuses and embrace my self

- I always wanted to do a photo-shoot and I never did

- I want to empower myself and therefore others

- I want to see myself with loving eyes

- I want to be a living example for my children

- I want to share my story

- I want to know, see and feel who i really am

- I am worth it,- love is the answer to everything



You don't do a shoot like this every day (maybe every year though),

so of course you will be having the option to purchase additional images of you experience.

You will be properly educated about all package options during your consultation.

I will credit your entire $500,- (Early Bird 400,-) of your payment towards any Deluxe Folio Box Package of your choice.

For digital options you will receive a 40 over 40 special price as well.



For this project, there are 40 spots open and you will need to be of age 40 or beyond.

Apply today by filling out the questionnaire, I will personally review your application.

If you are considered I'll reach out to you for the next steps.

A private Facebook group is set up and ready to host all participants.



- being excited to be part of this movement

- sharing my experience and story via interview, this may include video/ audio/ zoom recording

- writing a personal review of my experience on social media and google search

- having my "Before and After" portrait shared for marketing on web, digital and in print

- marketing +  documentation of behind the scenes footage, copy and images of my experience

- possible further commercial usage, for example calendar, book, exhibition, other

- a combination of a beauty and explicitly elegant and chic boudoir(-ish) portrait session

- inclusion in an 40 over 40 (online) gallery exhibition and magazine with images chosen by the photographer

- participating in this public campaign for body positivity and women empowerment

- public sharing on social media, broadcast, events and print media, etc.



To apply, please fill out the information below.