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M.Arch Architect Felicia Schütte is based on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, a small island

Belonging to the BES-islands, next to Aruba and Curacao.

The Office is focused on developing architectural concepts and impromptu designs from scratch.

Service phases: 1. Analysis + 2. Preliminary concept

"It has always been my passion and strength to focus on the crucial phase of the architectural concept

and to create conceptional ideas. I am dedicated to serve a "local gap" by providing

academic architectural standards to concept development on Bonaire."

Understanding my clients -you- and your wishes is paramount.

client service, communication and personal custom solutions are key

to exactly design your wishes and needs.

I invite you to your complimentary consultation.​



Following phases 3-9 are being transferred to and executed by highly trusted experienced local colleagues Jacobs Architekten and Bodifee design, or you choose someone you trust.


3. Final concept

4. Building permit drawings + request

5. Working drawings

6. Preparation award contract + construction procedures

7. Assisting contract awarding

8. Building site management

9. Documentation + follow up



owner + architectural designer

Bo Bodifée and Architect Felicia Schütte know each other since 2006.

They worked together for 6 years originally as formally employed colleagues, before working self employed since 2012

They gained profound experience in working as a team on Bonaire.



Jacobs Architekten has an eager and enthusiastic team, consisting of specialists: architects, designers, engineers, project managers and construction managers.

Jacobs Architekten and Architect Felicia Schütte know each other since 2004 and form a powerful team as project partners since 2012

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