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Reflecting you, your service & your story.

Step into the realm of transformation, where every click of the shutter unveils your essence in its purest form. Welcome to a sanctuary of self-discovery, where your journey meets the lens of possibility.

As a photographer specializing in branding, magazine-style lifestyle, and personal portraits, I invite you to embrace the power of visual storytelling. Beyond mere images, we embark on a voyage to illuminate your inner radiance, to sculpt moments that echo your unique narrative.

In my realm, the focus extends far beyond the frame. It begins with a heartfelt connection, nurtured through intimate consultations and collaborative brainstorming sessions. Together, we curate a vision that mirrors your authenticity, weaving threads of style, emotion, and aspiration into every frame.

A portrait is a journey within, let me take you by the hand.


Throughout our voyage, I serve as your trusted guide, gently coaxing forth your most genuine expressions and guiding you through the dance of light and shadow. With meticulous care, I curate the treasures of our time together, presenting you with a gallery of reflections that mirror your truth and celebrate your beauty.

But our journey doesn't end with the click of the shutter. Through skillful post-processing, I refine each image, preserving the essence of your story with reverence and precision. What emerges is not just a collection of photographs but a testament to your journey—a mirror to your soul, illuminated by the artistry of our collaboration.

Step into the light, and witness yourself anew. Let us embark on a transformational odyssey—one that transcends mere images and leaves you forever changed, forever seen through the lens of loving eyes.


You’ll forever change the way you see yourself.

-Felicia Schütte

Accredited "Fellow" @The Portrait Masters, Int. award winning portrait photographer, best maternity photographer.


Read the Magazine and see+feel what clients experience.


Keepsake Collections, Wall Portraits & Digitals

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How does it work?



Fill out the short contact form to give me an idea how you love to be photographed. I'll come back to you to schedule your zoom consultation.



During your zoom consultation all questions are answered, we book your photo-shoot date and design your shoot.


Based on details we worked out for your shoot you arrive ready at my studio and I'll guide you through the entire experience.


After your shoot I'll reveal an un-retouched selection and assist you to choose the images you love to buy. Then the retouching begins.

State of the art luxury products.


"It was my dream to work with her one day, during my consultation she said: you don't need to decide right now, go home let it sink in and don't let anyone tell you what to do, just listen to your heart.

I did the shoot and the moment I saw my photos I was impressed by every single image she captured."



Supreme portretfotograaf op Bonaire. The flying dress photoshoot een exceptioneel plaatje op het eiland met portretfotograaf Felicia Schütte, die bekend staat om haar prachtige en elegante studioportretten. photoshoot op de mooiste locaties van Bonaire. Tevens is er de mogelijkheid de shoot te verzorgen bij jouw thuis of op de vakantie locatie. Het is een unieke manier voor bruiden om in hun bruidsjurk gefotografeerd te worden. Wedding Bonaire. Trouwen op Bonaire. the weddin Bonaire nug knot. caribbean wedding.

Best Maternity photographer. Personal Branding and celebrity portrait photographer visiting the Caribbean from Miami, California, New York, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Beste zwangerschapsfotograaf. Personal Branding en portretfotograaf van beroemdheden bezoekt het Caribisch gebied vanuit Miami, Californië, New York, Amsterdam en Tokio.

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